We are here to help companies execute their most pressing objectives. Big or small, we know that our clients have a multitude of high impact goals, each in different stages of the game.

Our experience in virtually all segments of C-suite projects provides our clients a direct plug into insight and execution know-how.

We do not positions ourselves as consultants, and there is a good reason for that. While consultancy has its place, and we are happy to provide it, we know that what you really need is execution and that's the fundamental nature of what we do.

When you partner with us you can expect a relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering commitment to achieving results. We don't shy away from the difficult, it's how we earn a living.

An enormous thanks for your business, you have our sincere gratitude.

Vincent , CEO of Phinxs Corp.Vincent Top
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    An agent of change specializing c-suite project management in Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics.
    A force of unparalleled expertise we leverage the collective insights of veteran & key sector partners offering Daring Solutions in Transportation™ one project at a time.
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    A technology lover.
    The law of divine oneness states that everything in the universe is connected. Transportation is finally being disrupted in its pursuit for system interconnectivity. Phinxs is on a constant hunt for technologies and custom solutions to drive performance and growth. We love tech-stacks.
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    The pursuit of excellence.
    Dare to dream big, push beyond the limits of what is known and embrace the journey of transformation with our pursuit for excellence! We execute with you.